Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We’re baaack…

The Democrats that is. The public sent the President a big message yesterday and put the Democrats back in control of the house. This morning my husband reported the news to me by telling me that Nancy Pelosi was now Speaker of the House. I responded by saying “Good. It’s about damn time we had a woman in that position.” I’m not sure he was happy with my response. But he’s delusional if he thinks that I’m going to suddenly start agreeing with him about politics. It’s kind of like the whole sports thing. He’s obsessed with sports. And for some reason, he keeps thinking that if he keeps asking me to watch football games or talks about it to me, then I’ll suddenly become a sports fan. And that’s just not going to happen.

But enough about Larry’s delusions: Back to the election results. While my personal fave candidate for governor (Kinky Friedmann) didn’t win, Tom DeLay’s place in congress has been taken over by a Democrat. But the result that really made my heart sing was the race for the House seat between Martha Wong and Ellen Cohen. Martha (a Republican and the incumbent) had been running some really hideous ads. Or I should say that the Republicans ran some really hideous ads on behalf of Martha’s campaign. They were full of the sort of fear-inducing crap that the Republican party resorts to on occasion. Stuff like “Ellen Cohen isn’t strong enough for Texas. She’s soft on terrorists.” And the viewer is supposed to deduce from these ads that Ms. Cohen is in favor of letting terrorists stream across the border; which will no doubt lead to gay marriage being made legal and the downfall of society as we know it.

Thankfully the voters in that race saw through the Republican fear factor ads and decided what really scared them were Martha and her buddies in the Republican Party. So Ellen Cohen won. I should mention here that Ms. Cohen’s ads (or at least the ones that I saw) did not stoop to the fear-inducing, accusation flinging, quote out of context tactics that the Republicans used. They simply stated her views. Good for you Ms. Cohen and congratulations on your election. Now go do a good job.

And that goes for the rest of the people who were elected yesterday as well. Go work your butts off for us. Cause if you don’t, we will turn on you.*
* A side note: When I finally made it to the polls yesterday evening, sometime around 6:45 pm, the line to vote was extremely long. I waited in line for at least an hour to vote. I was standing next to one of my neighbors and a friend of his came up after she had voted and commented that this was the biggest turnout for an election that she had seen in a long time. Another friend of mine got to her polling place around 5 pm. When she arrived, there were only 8 people in line ahead of her. By the time she left fifteen minutes later, the line was out the door.

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