Monday, January 28, 2008

The Pitfalls of Being a Mom with a Facebook

I have just been in Facebook. And there are new photos of my son at a friend's wedding this weekend. A photo of him with a cigarette. And I am hoping that it was just a party thing and that he has not started/continued smoking. With his family history, he should never have smoked a single cigarette. (Both grandfathers died of lung cancer or heart disease.) So, I'm bummed.

It's not like I have that many hard and fast rules for my children. Only one hole in each ear. No other piercings allowed. No tattoos. Ever. And they are not allowed to join any Catholic cults like Regnam Christi or Opus Dei (only a possible concern with the youngest and the oldest who tend to be very holy.) I always thought the no smoking thing was a no-brainer. But I guess I should have made it clear.

Email will be going out tomorrow to the girls.

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