Monday, February 16, 2009

The Things I do for my Children

I spent today working on our taxes and filling out the FAFSA application for my two daughters. It's been a totally hellish experience. First was finding out what our tax bite will be this year. Let's just say OUCH!!! On the bright side, at least we are not finding out on April 14 that we owe a huge sum and we have a couple of months to economize big time. Goodbye El Ranchero and your big ass margaritas. I could certainly use one right now. After getting the tax shock, I moved over to the FAFSA website. Or what I thought was the FAFSA website. Turns out Google played a dirty trick on me and put a commercial FAFSA prep site up first. I spent over an hour filling out information on this site, thinking the government had really changed things before finally finishing and discovering that what I thought was free was going to cost me $80. So, back to Google, on to the free (real) FAFSA site and 4 hours later, I'm finally done. (Explorer kept cutting out on me, forcing be to go back in and, in the case of my younger daughter, keep re-entering the information.) So girls, don't tell me I don't love you. Would a woman who didn't love you go through this sort of hell?

Luckily I have a lovely bottle of La Crema chardonney in the fridge. Won't be buying that for some time, but I will treat myself to a glass of it tonight.

The things I do for my children...

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