Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to Relax

On Friday, I sent to print the winter issue of the magazine I produce twice a year and then promptly collapsed. All my plans to be productive this weekend just withered. But I do not consider this weekend to be a loss. I slept. I read. I puttered around and managed to get things put away where they belong. I got paint samples and painted small sections of different colors I'm considering for my studio so I can make a final color decision. I sang at church. I cooked a wonderful supper for tonight, which we shared with my son and his wife. Made enough to send them home with leftovers and we still have leftovers for later this week. So, no. This weekend was not a loss. It was much needed. As I told Larry when he asked me what my plans were for this weekend, "No, I really don't have any plans. I just need to not need to do anything.

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