Sunday, April 25, 2010


Or rather, essentially done. We did the last few major tasks in the new studio today. We installed the small shelves above where the table loom will be stored. We put up the mirrors on the inside of the closet doors. We moved the floor loom back in and it's now waiting for me to start in on its restoration and repair. I also moved in some of the other stuff that needs to go back into the room. I still have boxes to go through and things to put away or toss. But it's basically done. And it looks beautiful. I LOVE this room. It makes me happy.

Another thing that made me happy this weekend was that we got our garage cleaned out. Thanks to Michael and Sarah, we now have a garage we can walk into and locate what we need. We also have a pile of trash piled up in front of our house awaiting pickup by the city trash workers this coming Wednesday. I feel slightly guilty about filling up a landfill with this stuff, but then again, I have a clean garage. I'll live w/ the guilt.

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