Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Own Little Soap Opera or the Story Continues

I was awakened this morning by my mother-in-law telling me it was 6:30 am. Normally I would have snarled at anyone who wakes me up that early on a day when I'm not going to work, but then I remembered: I needed to get to the hospital early in order to make sure I saw Larry's surgeon, who, if all was well, would be discharging Larry from the hospital. So, I lept up, grabbed some orange juice and tried to get out the door as fast as possible. It would have been faster if I still had the long hair which I used to just let dry by itself, but no, I had to blow it dry, flat iron it, etc, cause I'm afraid of what it might look like if I just let it dry by itself at this length.

When I got to Larry's room, I met his new nurse, who, while nice, was no Getta, the lovely woman we had when we originally got to the room. Also, it was Monday morning. Which means that there was more going on and less personal attention. We had gotten a little spoiled by the personal attention we had received over the weekend. And before the morning was over, they were short handed as the secondary nurse had had to leave.

Anyway, we settled in to wait for the doctor. And wait. Larry's mom called wondering where we were. Finally, when they brought Larry his lunch, I decided to try and run down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I had barely sat down with my lunch when my phone rang. It was Larry and the doctor was there. So, I grabbed my plate and drink and headed back upstairs. Thankfully Larry was finishing up showing his doctor how to set up voice activated dialing on his iPhone.

An hour or so later, we were on our way back to Mildred's house. So far he's doing well. We're going to stay an additional day and go home on Wednesday. He's got a few restrictions, such as he can't lift heavy stuff, or drive for a while, but overall, we are so lucky that he's okay. Big challenge over the next few days is to make sure he does both things the doctor told him to do. He's supposed to rest and walk. I have every confidence in Larry's ability to rest. Getting him to move is another story...

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