Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've Fallen and I Need a Glass of Iced Tea

While visiting my mom this past weekend, I took on the task of ordering her one of those Lifeline necklaces. A Lifeline necklace is basically a grandma monitor, which calls a family member or EMS when grandma has an issue. Like a fall or, in my mom's case, feeling dizzy because she forgot to take her medicine.

Mom is on board with this plan to give us kids peace of mind, because it will cut down on her fears of not being able to tell us if something is wrong. So, there were no arguments with her about ordering this and I'm fairly certain she'll keep it on all the time.

After I got off the phone with the company on Monday, Mom mentioned that one of her good friends had gotten this device for her then 90ish year old mother a few years ago. The device arrived and Mom's friend and her brother explained to their mom that the point of the device was so that if she needed any help, all she had to do was push the button on the pendant and it would call them. And all was well. Until the day when the son's phone rang showing that it was the lifeline device. He answered it before the local emergency services could answer and asked his mom what was wrong. And she said, "Well, you told me to push this button if I needed something and I need someone to bring me a glass of ice water."

Mom plans on asking for iced tea.

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