Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear Pioneer Woman: Why the Odds Just Got Better on Your Giveaways

For the past year or so, I've been throwing my hat in the ring when The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) has one of her giveaways. Especially when she's giving away a KitchenAid stand mixer. But no more. The odds just improved for the rest of you by one on those giveaways. Why? Because for Christmas this year my family gave me a gorgeous white KitchenAid Pro stand mixer.

Really. See in the photo below? I'm beating eggs w/ cream for scrambled eggs for our Christmas Day brunch. Or rather, I'm drinking tea while the mixer beats eggs with cream.

I also whipped cream with Amaretto for the chocolate waffles we had for brunch and made homemade bread with it yesterday afternoon.

Never did I dream that I would have one of these. I'm still amazed that it's sitting on my kitchen counter. And I have Ree and my daughter-in-law Sarah to thank. Ree, because she got me interested in these lovely mixers due to her recipes and contests, and Sarah for deciding I shouldn't have to wait for spot of good luck to get one. Seems Sarah got the idea after I mentioned that I had entered a pre-Thanksgiving drawing for one. So, she started calling the family to get them in on the act. I knew something was up, but had absolutely no idea what it was. The box showed up all wrapped last week and I still had no idea what it could be. Never did I imagine they would get me one of these mixers. Even when I stooped to snooping enough to test the weight of the box, I still had no clue. The best guess I could come up with was a bunch of bricks with an old-folks home brochure attached. (Two of my children like to threaten me with a life sentence in a nursing home.)

On Christmas Eve, we set up my laptop and got on Skype so we could visit with Michael and Sarah, who were in Seattle with her parents. And after the preliminaries, we got down to business. Mainly seeing the look on my face when I finally unwrapped the box. So, I started tearing off the wrapping paper and literally couldn't believe what I saw. After all, I had already gotten what I thought was my main Christmas gift: a new Mini Cooper. I wasn't supposed to get two fabulous gifts. In fact, I had told my husband he was completely off the hook for anything else, including stuff in my stocking. But this had evidently been planned since before the whole car thing got serious. And now I have two magnificent pieces of machinery.

So, thank you. All of you. Larry, Michael, Sara, Emily, and most especially Sarah. Oh, and you too Ree. I am confident this baby can take on the sugar cookie dough that has burned out three hand mixers. Not to mention lots of other things I've been wanting to try. Like homemade marshmallows. It's a little strange to just stand with a cup of tea in my hand and watch the mixer do the work without having to hold it, but I'm sure I'll get used to it real fast.

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