Saturday, December 04, 2010

Farewell to the Crapvan

About thirteen years ago we bought a used 1996 Dodge Caravan. At the time, it wasn't too bad. I was actually happy with it. And overall, considering the use and abuse we put it through (three teenagers for example), it's been an exceptionally good car. But it did have its problems. Like windshield wipers that we had worked on and replaced so many times that I lost count. The serpentine belt from hell, which would come off if it got a drop of water on it going through a puddle (and we live in Houston where it rains, a lot, and there's a lot of puddles). Or the summers (at least three) that I went through without a functioning air conditioner. And for the past two years, I've lived in fear of the transmission failing completely. So over the last few years it truly earned its nickname of the Crapvan.

For about three or four years, I've been lusting after a Mini Cooper. They are beyond cute, they are the antithesis of a mini van and are just plain fun. Specifically I wanted a red one with a white roof and the sunroof. A CD player would send me over the moon. But I figured with two kids in college, I was pretty much stuck with the crapvan for as long as we could baby it along. So, I'd put "Mini Cooper" on my Christmas list every year, with the result that I have a nice selection of toy Mini Coopers now.

Today, all that changed. Today I got the real thing. It's red and white, has a sunroof and more techy stuff than I ever imagined I'd have in a car. None of the cars I've had to drive have ever had a CD player. This car not only has a CD player, it has BlueTooth, a place to plug in my iPod, etc. I can even change the colors of the little accent lights in the interior. (Currently they are green.)

So, the Crapvan is gone and in it's place is the cutest car imaginable and it's actually mine. Well, mine and the bank. But I'm not going to let them drive it.

Me and my car. We're very happy together

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