Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

It's early evening on New Year's Eve. What better time to take a quick look back and a peek forward?

My grown son's bedroom was converted into a studio/workspace for me. We did much of the work ourselves with the help of our friends Mike and Sara.

We built  a couple of big planters to go along our fence between the house and garage and installed an irrigation system in our new planters.

Painted all of our old patio furniture.

Filled in the center flower bed on the patio to expand our usable outdoor space and relaid the paving bricks that had buckled due to the roots from the oak trees

Cleaned out our garage.

I started experimenting with some potential projects that I may sell on Etsy.

I took a writing course last winter.

I taught myself how to use Adobe Flash and created an animated Christmas greeting, complete with music for the school -- a major triumph.

Our kids are happy and doing well in their respective pursuits.

And we finally got rid of the crapvan and I got the car I've been wanting for over five years: a cute little red Mini Cooper.


I do have a few specific things I want to get done this year:

I want to finish restoring the large weaving loom I got last year. I've gotten a little bit done, but I'm ready for it to be completely cleaned up and in working shape.

I want to rework how the utility room is set up. Specifically, I want to design and build a custom storage unit to replace the old, battered, less than ideal armoire we are using now to store our small drink fridge and various other items. Especially now that I have a big stand mixer that really needs a convenient storage spot.

I want to finally open a shop on Etsy.

And I want to continue to experiment with my writing and do more on this blog.

Happy New Year y'all.

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