Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Front and Center at all Cost

Salon.com has taken a slightly different look at the State of the Union with a story on 'aisle hogs,' members of Congress who scurry into the House chamber early on the day of the State of the Union in order to secure seats on the aisle and those oh so important to their ego seconds on camera as they shake the President's hand on his way to the podium. And who should be second on the list of the top five aisle hogs but Texas and Houston's very own Sheila Jackson Lee? It's enough to make me want to deny being a native Texan.

Furthermore in the updated version I read, it seems that even this article has had no restraining effect on Ms. Lee in her neverending search for facetime on TV. Proving that it's impossible to shame Ms. Lee into forsaking her blatant grabs for attention, she was front and center again tonight getting her moment on camera and in the spotlight with President Obama. On the bright side, she's not my representative. But she is the representative for many of my fellow Houstonians, who, once upon a time had a woman of great principle, Barbara Jordan, looking after their interests in Congress. They deserve better than the grandstanding Lee, who, from what I've been able to tell, has as her first priority her unending quest for attention and feeding the black hole that is her ego.

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