Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Dog

Our sheltie, Libby, died unexpectedly yesterday evening.  She went from being fine in the morning, trying to convince our neighbor to play fetch with her, to a bout of wheezing in the afternoon, and then, when I came home from a round of errands, I found her in the den by the back door.

We buried her this morning out behind our garage with a stick and a couple of her toys. Larry and I took turns digging her grave.  At some point, we’ll find a stone to paint w/ her name on it to put out in the garden.

We got Libby about 9 years ago. She was a 3 year old rescue dog who had been given up by her owner who was dying of cancer. Libby (her full name was Lady Liberty) was a dainty little dog and a godsend to us. We had originally gotten a chow/spaniel puppy from the SPCA. Snickers was a beautiful dog, but he had some major aggression issues which ultimately came to a head the day he turned on my youngest and we ended up in the emergency room having dog bites dealt with. So, Snickers had to go. The girls had originally wanted a sheltie, so we started looking for one and found Libby. In the words of my middle child today, Libby was the loudest, smartest, most loyal dog ever. We were her sheep and she never let us forget it. 

Libby loved us all, but her heart truly belonged to my husband Larry. If he was home, she was right by him. If he was in his office working, she was right outside his door, even if the rest of us were home. He was her true love.

I said above that we buried her with a stick. Next to Larry, Libby loved to play fetch. Even after she developed arthritis, she would play fetch obsessively. We’d have to stop her because otherwise she would be limping the next day. Since we have several trees in our yard, she quickly learned about fetching sticks. And it didn’t matter what size the stick was. I’ve seen her bring a two inch long twig over and drop it in front of someone, then wait impatiently for them to throw it for her.  So, we gave her a stick. And I hope that wherever she is, she is running and playing fetch to her heart’s content.

Rest in peace Libby.

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jsthorson said...

She was such a beautiful dog. Strange that we shared the same loss almost at the same time. I still get choked up missing my Toby.