Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Morning

And my studio is a mess. My daughter's in-progress t-shirt quilt lies on the floor in a bit of a pile. There are two piles of the scraps of the t-shirts used in the quilt. There used to be just one, but last night I came in to watch episodes from the first season of Glee on my Mac and was accompanied by my granddog Toby. So, I grabbed a bunch of the scraps and arranged them on the floor to make a temporary bed for him. He was extremely happy with that arrangement.

In addition to t-shirts everywhere, the parts of my loom are also leaning up against the walls or lying in plastic bags tucked into the shelves and perched on the window sill, awaiting the time when the loom will be reassembled. But I'm not sure I'll make any progress on the loom this weekend because other projects beckon. There is a dining table and four chairs out in the garage which we (Emily and I) have to finish sanding and painting before next weekend, when they will be transported to her new apartment at her school in Austin. I also really need to get into Sara's room and start sorting out all the stuff in there. Some of it will go to Goodwill, other bits need to be put into closets and quite a lot of it needs to be packed up to go with the table and chairs to Austin where Sara plans to live and work this next year.

And in addition to all of this, there is also other work to be done. A photo to be taken at the school at noonish and some freelance work to be done. Errands to run and household tasks that cry to be finished. I'm fairly certain that on Sunday night, there will be tasks left unfinished. But the first thing on my list this morning is mixing up a new batch of sugar water for the hummingbird feeder outside my studio window. Yesterday morning, while typing an email, I looked up and saw my first hummingbird. It was magical. So, I need to replace the food in there (numerous sources say you should replace the mixture every three days) so my little guest will be happy and return.

I must say that I rather like the current untidy state of my studio because it says to me that creative work is being done in this place. The room is being used as it was created to be used. And on this morning, with the sun's light glowing through the trees outside, that makes me very happy.

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