Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Around

I feel the need to write something. It's Leap Day and one should always seize this extra day. But I'm not really feeling creative. So, I'm taking the easy way out. Bullet points. 

• My mom turned 90 last week. To celebrate, all the siblings and the grandchildren got together and spent the weekend together. It was great. And all this week, I've been missing my family and wishing we could have had one more day. Which is much better than feeling it would have been better if it had been shorter.

• Also in February, my youngest child turned 21. Which means that all of my children are now officially grown up. Doesn't mean I've stopped telling them to be careful or to call me when they get home. That will never stop while I'm drawing breath.

• Want to increase the visits to your blog? Include the word 'lust' somewhere. I recently wrote a bit about how I cannot wait for my first grandchild to arrive and entitled it 'Granny Lust.' I am still getting hits on that particular entry. Who knew? I am a bit sorry for all the people in Russia, China and a few assorted third world countries who ended up on my blog thinking they were going to see/read something vaguely pornographic, but then again, I may shamelessly use that trick to increase readership at some point in the future. Maybe I'll write about how I lust after various china patterns. 

What can I say. I have no shame.

• Speaking of shameless, here's a shameless plug for my little sister's stores in Rockport, Texas: The Bay Window and The Bay Window Home. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, you really should stop by and do a little or a lot of shopping. Julia has just redone both spaces and while we were there last weekend for Mom's birthday, we helped Julia and her staff unpack some of her recent purchases for the store. It's great stuff and you really should go and buy as much of it as you can carry away before someone else beats you to it. I myself brought home a couple of little art pieces that are now hanging in my studio. Every time I look at them, I smile. I also brought home a fabulous pair of white pants, a pair of earrings, and a darling pair of crocheted baby bootie/sandals for the new grandbaby.

• Congratulations to my friend Tricia, creator of the blog, Emotions with Jon Hamm, for her recent mention in Esquire magazine in an article about Mr. Hamm.

• In the last month, I've redone my daughter Sara's room as an official guest room. Said project involved lots of paint – both on the walls and on assorted bits of furniture, and sewing pillow covers for Euro pillows. Before and after photos will appear here at some point. Probably with the word 'lust' somewhere to increase readership.

• I've also been teaching my daughter-in-law Sarah how to sew. The projects we've been working on are curtains for the baby's nursery and a crib skirt. Curtains are done. Crib skirt should be finished this weekend. 

• Last night I officially finished restoring the 40" Macomber loom I was given a couple of years ago. I am awaiting delivery on a bench to go with this loom and am also planning my first project for it. I can't wait to start weaving. Photos will also appear at some point of the restored loom.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Life is happening a lot to me lately. At home. At work. Within my family. Some of it is absolutely wonderful. Some of it is extremely stressful. And it is coming all at once.

But that's okay. That's life. Sometimes it goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn't.

The next few months are going to be an adventure for me. There is great joy ahead and a great battle to be fought and won. (Make no mistake, we will win that battle.) I will be in major nurture mode for several reasons. But that is okay. One of the things I do best is to nurture others. I can do this. I can make a difference. And we will face it all with love. With laughter. With courage.

Because there is no other way to live.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Granny Lust

In one of my favorite series of books, (The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, specifically Drums of Autumn), one of the characters describes a condition known as 'granny lust,' which evidently is the desire for grandchildren of one's own. I truly never thought I'd have to deal with that problem until this morning. 

As I may have mentioned, I am about to become a grandmother. Said grandchild is due to arrive in approximately 8 weeks, give or take a few, and while I was getting ready to go to work today, it hit me all of a sudden, that this little girl we've been talking about and planning for will very shortly be here with us. I'll be able to hold her, love her (actually I love her already), tell her scurrilous stories about her father, sing lullabyes to her, and read to her. It hit me quite hard. It was a physical longing to hold my grandchild.

But I had no clue at that point just how strong the longing for her was. Until mid-morning, when I walked down to our coffee bar to make a cup of tea. And standing there was a prospective parent who was holding a tiny baby girl. I oooed and aaahed over her, found out baby girl was just 7 weeks old. And all the while I was carrying on a conversation with this unsuspecting mom, I was restraining myself from grabbing that poor baby so I could hold it. 

Scary. Very, very scary. 

So, if you have a baby, do me a favor. Hand her over, let me get my fix and then I'll hand her back and all will be well and I'll be able to wait until little Lucille is safely here. Cause even if it's not quite time for Lucille to be born, Mumsie is evidently more than ready.