Saturday, November 13, 2010

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head

We have been inundated with acorns this year. For the past month the two oak trees in our back yard have been covering the backyard and driveway with an excess of acorns. We hear the loud cracks as they hit the pavement. At our recent pumpkin carving party, we seriously considered having our guests sign a waver stating they would not sue us if injured by a falling acorn.

We keep thinking that at some point, they'll finally all be off the tree. But it hasn't happened yet and this has been going on for a good month now and shows no sign of stopping. We were just sitting outside by the firepit tonight and every few minutes we'd hear the 'crack' of a falling acorn hitting the patio.

What does this mean? Who knows? I did a tiny bit of research and the Farmer's Almanac says that our area of Texas will have a very wet and cold winter. So, it could be a forecast of a cold winter. Another thing I read said that this is a sign that the trees are going through a stage where they try to ensure the continuation of the species. All I know is I'm tired of the damn things littering up my patio and driveway.

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