Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Somewhere out there tonight, are a mom, a dad, and a brother who are facing getting up in the morning and moving on with their lives without their daughter and sister. The funeral service is over and now they have the heartbreaking task of putting their lives back together. Of getting up each day, putting on the coffee, and heading out the door to work and school. Of coming home each day and dealing with the fact that only three people instead of four will be there for supper.

My heart breaks for them as they face the upcoming holidays and getting through the special days they were looking forward to this year, dealing with the fact that there will be no prom photos this year, no white dress and crown for graduation, no packing for college.

I did not know their daughter. She was one of the over 600 girls in the school where I work. But I mourn her life being cut so tragically and wastefully short. I hurt for her friends and classmates who have learned, in the hardest way possible, that the golden days of their youth can turn to ash in an instant. I pray that her family will have the courage to get up in the morning to this new unwanted reality that has been thrust upon them. And I pray that someday, they will know joy in their lives again because this daughter, sister, friend was, from all accounts, about bringing joy to others.

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