Saturday, November 06, 2010

Yet Another Exercise in Futility

No, no, no. I'm not going to get political again. This particular exercise in futility is car-related. Or more specifically, Mini Cooper related.

Every so often, I troll through to see what's available in used Mini Coopers. After over 20 years of driving three different Chrysler/Dodge minivans, I'm completely over the whole minivan thing. Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck w/ the third van, which I not so lovingly refer to as the Crapvan. It's past it's use by date, but with two children still in college and various other obligations, a car payment is just not something I feel comfortable taking on right now.

But this week, there is a real deal out there. A 2004 with low mileage. And it pretty much has everything I want. It's red w/ a white roof. No racing stripes. Cloth seats (leather seats are a big mistake in Houston during the summer). Sunroof. And this particular model is priced extremely low. Almost low enough to make me seriously consider trying to get it.

So, I stopped by the dealership after work and took a look at it. In fact, I actually sat in it. And with a massive showing of self-control, got out of it and walked away to get in the Crapvan and drive home. It was my car version of when I used to take the girls shopping for formal dresses for dances. We'd almost always see one dress that was fabulous and fabulously out of our price range. But I'd tell them, "Just try it on for funsies." Well, I tried that Mini Cooper on for funsies and it looked wonderful.

I think it's a good thing I didn't ask to drive it. I'd still be driving.

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